How to order from us...

Ordering from us is as simple as a walk on the beach!

To see our items, please visit our catalog.
To order, simply send us an email at or contact us by any means from our contact page.
What we need are the item names, color codes, and quantities. Please follow the item name and color number codes located within our catalog. Note: Not all items may be currently available. We will notify you if this happens.
Also, send you credit card information by Phone/Fax (not through email for security reasons) at (808) 944-0500.
We usually ship within the same to next day ordered depending on the size of order, operating hours, and stock availability.

Example Order

Princess Lei, Color #12, 12 pieces
Princess Lei, Color #40, 24 pieces
Plumeria Hair Clip, Color #40, 36 pieces
Maile King Lei, 12 pieces

Please Mail To:
(Name and Address)

Shipping Preference:
US Postal Service - Priority (6-10 business days)
US Postal Service - Express (3-5 business days)

(Once an order is mailed, it is no longer under our responsibility.)
(Extra contact information if we need to contact you about your order.)